Whisky’s For Drinking, Water’s For Fighting

Ski Seasons May Shorten by 50%

The non-profit organization Water Education Colorado reports that ski seasons in parts of Colorado may shrink by half between now and 2050 due to climate change.

Greenback Cutthroat Recovery Program

A new project is underway to help in this Colorado Native fish’s recovery and reintroduction.


NOAA’s Colorado Basin Forecast

The official US Government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website provides information about snow pack, stream flow, weather projections and much more.

Colorado TU & Conservation

Trout Unlimited works hard to protect our rivers and environment statewide.

Colorado water plan

See the official water plan for our state.

Diversion Study Censored

Some Western Slope participants have expressed their concern about Front Range water diverters interest in censoring results of science-based studies

Learning By Doing

TU has “a seat at the table” with water diverters through the Learning By Doing program.

Water Resource Management

Check out our county government’s water information and resources.

Oil & Gas Wastewater

What is oil and gas wastewater? Where does it come from and where does it go? For an excellent discussion about these and other related questions, click below.

Moffat Diversion Info

The Moffat Diversion moves lots of water from Grand County to the Front Range.

Drones & Efficient Irrigation

Maximizing the efficiency of agricultural water use by using all the technological tools available is critical.

Additional Resources

Lots of great water-related information is now available. Resources include Trout Unlimited’s national website, Grand County Water Information Network and many others. Click the button for some starting points.

Overview of Colorado Basin Water Issues

Looking for general background information about water issues in the Colorado Basin? As a freshman in college during the Lincoln administration, your webmaster read a book that still presents an excellent "big picture" perspective of the difficulty and importance of water-related issues in the west. The book is Water and Choice in the Colorado Basin. It's readable, free and brief at just over 100 pages. Also check out the similar results when you Google "water and choice in the Colorado basin".

Western Rivers Action Network

Is one of Audubon’s conservation efforts. Their focus skews to birds while ours skews to fish, but we share the same fundamental goals. They are wonderfully action-oriented and provide information about water-oriented meetings, timely petitions, forms for letter writing and much more.

Fraser River Progress

This article is a few years old, but shows the start of positive changes.

Fish Shun Modern Dam Passages

Unfortunately, recent studies point to many dam bypasses, fish ladders, etc. as unsuccessful in allowing fish to travel around dams. Here's an article from Scientific American.

Water Law Information

Water law in the west is complicated and a bit strange. The laws were written when it was still legal to own a slave and have changed little since then.

Politician’s Conservation Records

Interested in the conservation credentials of a particular politician? TU does not support any politicians or candidates. To find information about a particular candidate's conservation record, go to the League of Conservation Voters web site.

Podcast Explains History of Rainbow Trout

Listen to an informative 18 minute podcast revealing the history and current dominance of rainbow trout.