Headwaters River Journey

The new Headwaters River Museum and Ecology Center opens July 14 in Winter Park next to Hernando's. This is a first class museum with state of the art electronics and interactive displays. TU members are encouraged to become a volunteer at the Headwaters Center to help communicate our message about the health of our rivers, the impacts of diversions and how we can help maintain and improve our rivers. Exhibits address the challenges facing the Fraser and upper Colorado directly and have a clear message about the effects of trans mountain diversions on our rivers in Grand County. It is important to our TU chapter to have the  public better understand these issues and it will benefit our efforts to protect the Fraser and Colorado Rivers.  We also think you'll have fun and find it exciting to be associated with this very high tech museum.  Volunteer time will be extremely flexible and you will want to be associated with this center. For more information and to contact the Center about volunteering, follow this link.