Invasive Species Warning

The New Zealand Mud Snail is a small snail was first found in the US in 1987. It’s an invasive species that damages the food web in trout streams. They can move easily on fishermen’s waders and other gear and infest other streams. They have just been found in Boulder.

This is dangerously close to Grand County, potentially affecting our visitor and part-time resident population. It would be a good time for fisher-folk who move between watersheds to redouble their efforts to keep waders clean. For more information from Colorado Parks and Wildlife about the mudsnails and on how to clean and decontaminate your waders, click here. 

The discovery was made by the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department in their annual New Zealand Mudsnail surveys.  The new population is located at Elmer's Two Mile Park adjacent to Iris Avenue and 28th Street. The City of Boulder has been actively engaged with CPW on  New Zealand Mudsnail management and monitoring since the initial detections in Colorado back in 2004. CPW appreciates their continued efforts.