Why TU Believes in Compromise

We can’t keep all the water here, but we can’t. Compromise helps us make the best of a bad situation.

Why TU Believes in Compromise Radio Interview Recording

Face it. We'd all like to keep all of the water from our west slope rivers in our west slope rivers. Unfortunately, that's just not realistic. More people live on Colorado's Front Range than in the mountains so they have more clout than us "mountain folk." In addition, 100 years ago, forward looking Front Range interests were willing buyers of water and they found willing sellers for west slope water. As a result, most water that originates on the west slope is owned by Front Range interests.  

Recognizing that reality has become an integral part of TU's approach to water in the last few years. Some conservation groups want to litigate in an attempt to keep water that we no longer own here. We see that as a losing battle. That's just not the way our laws work. TU has chosen to accept reality and work with those who own the water to make the best of a bad situation. Rather than investing in lawyers, TU is investing in our rivers, and we're getting Denver Water and others to cooperate with us. To hear a thoughtful discussion on the pros and cons of our position, listen to this broadcast. Listen to a Colorado Public Radio conversation discussing both sides of this issue by clicking here. Our own Kirk Klancke is part of the conversation.